As Above, So Below

So Below, As Above

mei 4, 2020
As above, so below.
So below, as above. 
Why do you feel that you’re never enough. 
Why does perfectionism, always feels so rough. 
You’re trying to act tough, but I’m sensing your bluff. 
I know that your mind feels like it’s handcuffed.
“But why can’t I seem to solve this puzzle?”
You can’t swim in a dessert and expect to find happiness – or love. 
Your life is a reflection of everything.
as everything does. 
I know the truth – said the Tree.
But only if you set yourself free.
Plant a seed and take your time. 
Allow some sun and water – everything will be fine. 
“What about security and money – I still have to work!”
“What about opinions of others – I got these crazy quirks. 
“What about that fear that you call my Superschurk?”
Does a Tree really care?
Nope, it just goes. It just grows. It just is. 
A Tree has no shame. 
A Tree places no blame.
A Tree doesn’t think, it just plays the game.
of Life.
of Death.  
Everything in between has no name. 
“How high will you grow?”
“How deep will you let me go?” 
As above, so below. 
Deep in our bones, 
we know this truth. 
Only if we become vulnerable, 
will we take root. 
Don’t be scared. 
The worst thing that can happen.
Is that You will be You.